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Psychotherapist Kent, Maggie Haines

What a blessing, I can now say, I am who I am today as a result of those (as I believed at the time) very difficult years. After a lot of studying and hard graft I eventually qualified, firstly as a hypnotherapist, then continued counselling studies and finally qualified with distinction as a Psychotherapist of which I am incredibly proud. I enjoy being with people and giving service which is what talking therapies is all about. Helping others find strength within and re-establish oneself is healing and incredibly therapeutic. My journey which I'm still on as life is work in progress, shows we are stronger that we actually think! all it takes is a bit of nurturing alongside some tender loving care and we can do it.

I am a qualified psychotherapist Kent and South East based. By chance, as often happens in life I came into psychotherapy during my early thirties, as a result of a dysfunctional relationship breakdown, whilst trying to raise two very lively children at the time. I felt under immense stress and pressure and didn't feel life was being particularly kind to me. Three intense years of weekly sessions (as a client) I came out the other end a very different person.

As a psychotherapeutic therapist its about connecting with others in a safe a secure environment, encouraging the person to create some space in order to relax, reflect and become enlightened, (That light blub moment of err.. yes... that's it...) for me its about sharing my knowledge with others as was shown to me hence, recovery is sought from a very difficult time trying to make informed choices with emotional support.

We hold two primary emotions Love or fear. Love brings everything positive whereas, Fear is so powerful its encompassing and translates into a whole host of negative emotions such as Anger, sorrow, misery, self pity etc... its about learning how to translate the emotion/s and heal the self holistically, that what I'm here to help others do.

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